Executive Leadership


Gene Schindler

President and Founder

  • Founder of EMLS
  • 19+ years as company president
  • 35+ years of industry experience

Attentive to the need for quality suppliers in the manufacturing industry, Gene Schindler, our president and founder, started Elite Material & Logistics Solutions in 1998 as a fabricator and material handling supplier for large local manufacturers.

Though Gene himself has over 35 years of experience in this industry, he credits the continued success of Elite Material & Logistics Solutions to the hard work, extensive industry knowledge, dedication, and customer-first attitude of the EMLS team.

After 19 years, Elite Material & Logistics Solutions has grown into a multi-million dollar 3PL by continuously improving quality management systems, providing customer-centric service, cultivating managers and executives with extensive experience in the industry, and investing heavily in industry-leading technology.


Brad Freeman

Chief Financial Officer

Brad Freeman, our Chief Financial Officer and newest corporate team member, joined the EMLS team in 2019. Freeman brings a wide array of skill sets across multiple different industry sectors to the EMLS team.

Identifying himself as a serial entrepreneur, Freeman has owned and operated a multitude of companies across multiple business sectors, giving him a niche insight to a wide range of business models.  

He earned is Bachelors in Business Administration in Finance/Accounting from the University of Central Arkansas. He began his career at a small private practice Orthodontic office, ultimately growing the company to, at the time, the largest privately-owned Orthodontic company in the world. During his time with the dental group, Brad spent a large amount of time in China sourcing dental products direct from the manufacturer. Which eventually turned into a wholesale buying group, serving Orthodontist across the country. From this point on, Brad has uniquely focused his professional career in the Supply Chain industry serving multiple fortune 500 companies, including one of the largest Dental Service Organizations in the country. 

Brad joins the EMLS team as a strategic hire to help facilitate the growth of EMLS. With corporate level experience across multiple companies, Brad is able to create a corporate structure the better help facilitate customer’s needs, while sustaining positive growth momentum for EMLS.


David Buschbacher

General Manager

  • 24+ years of industry experience
  • Experience managing multiple fulfillment facilities
  • 300+ hours of management classes

David Buschbacher, General Manager at Elite Material & Logistics Solutions since 2008, has years of experience running multiple fulfillment facilities in a cost-efficient and cost-effective manner.

With over 24 years of experience and training, his ability to knowledgeably interface with clients while simultaneously managing daily workflows and functions is one of the primary drivers behind our client’s continued success.

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Mitch Brinkman

Quality Assurance Manager

  • 27+ years as Quality Assurance Manager
  • 35+ years of Quality Assurance experience
  • BA in Manufacturing Engineering
  • Quality Management System implementation
  • Certified in quality engineering, quality auditing, and quality management

Mitch Brinkman was the Quality Assurance Manager at Elite Material & Logistics Solutions from 2003 to 2007, returning to serve as the Quality Assurance Manager from 2014 until today.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of North Texas and has been in the quality assurance field for over 35 years.

Mitch implemented foundational quality assurance technologies and systems for EMLS, including the Quality Management System in 2004. He is a Senior Member of ASQ (The American Society for Quality), holding certifications in Quality Engineering, Quality Auditing, and Quality Management.

Shannon Farrington

Plant Manager

  • 24+ years of experience in logistics and fulfillment
  • Former manager of logistics and distribution and former operations manager
  • Plant Manager since 2015

Shannon Farrington, Plant Manager at Elite Material & Logistics Solutions, has over 24 years of experience in the logistics and fulfillment industry, including management positions in the operations and logistics departments of multi-million dollar companies and multinational corporations. He has served as Plant Manager at Elite Material & Logistics Solutions since 2015.

Shannon coordinates warehousing, production, and distribution activities for Elite Material & Logistics Solutions and oversees the daily activities of warehouse managers, team leads, drivers, and warehouse personnel in a multi-shift operation.

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Donnie Greene

Systems Manager

  • 25+ years of experience in warehousing, Quality Assurance, and inventory control, fulfillment, shipping, and operations

For more than 25 years, Donnie Greene has worked with small businesses and large corporations in this industry and has overseen everything from warehouse management and quality assurance to inventory control and operations.

Donnie began his career in the printing business, moved on to a fortune 500 company, overseeing receiving, order fulfillment and shipping, and worked as an operations manager and project coordinator before coming on as Systems Manager at EMLS.