Warehousing — Warehouse Management System, Systems Management, and Inventory Control

Access to Our Strategic Network of Warehousing Partners

With access to our strategic network of warehousing partners, EMLS can help you with the following:


  • Quickly and efficiently access the warehousing space you need

  • Scale your operations up or down for seasonal requirements

  • Avoid the costs of staffing and operating a warehouse or system of warehouses

  • Connect to our warehouse management systems and access our value-added services

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One of our key differentiators is a powerful warehouse management system (WMS) which we can customize to integrate with any and all systems you might employ in your business.

This system allows you to do the following:

  • Track inventory levels and stock location (inventory control)
  • Implement inventory control systems
  • Integrate Pick-to-Light or Pick-to-Voice systems into your fulfillment processes
  • Comfortably integrate line setting and kitting services into your warehouse processes
  • Implement Quality Assurance best practices


Systems Management

We can also completely integrate with any of the following:

  • Ecommerce websites or software
  • Fulfillment systems
  • Bookkeeping software
  • Transportation management systems
  • MRP systems
  • ERP systems
  • Existing WMSs
  • Quality inspection systems

Allowing you to track inventory levels, shipments, payments, and critical documents, like electronic bills of lading, in real time.

We also provide the following:

  • Complete management of existing solutions
  • Customized systems for your unique processes
  • Access to a network of experienced 3PL and material support services systems professionals

Contact us today and tell us how we can craft you a custom warehousing solution.