Just-in-Time Delivery

Just-In-Time Delivery Services

Just-in-time delivery services allow you to keep inventory levels low and rely on EMLS to get you the right parts at the right time. Benefit from shortened lead times and reduced freight costs. We can quickly integrate into your supply chain and help you eliminate supply buffers with a strategy customized to your unique needs.

Our clients who combine this with our other value-added services, like:

  • Line setting (using just-in-sequence techniques)

  • Kitting

  • Heavy assembly

The Benefits of Just-In-Time Delivery

The main benefits of ELMS’s just-in-time delivery services are

  • The ability to maintain low inventory levels
  • Lead times are shortened while efficiency is increased
  • Products, kits, or raw materials arrive at the right time and the right place continuously to keep production moving swiftly
  • Support facilities are located in close proximity to your major facilities, ensuring prompt delivery and the ability for close, quick, real-time communication of needs and expectations
  • The ability to scale up or down rapidly without investing in additional infrastructure

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